About Me

cropped-IMG_2176.jpgHi guys! My name is Angelica and I am a huge foodie and a lover of you guessed it…WINE!

I recently left my marketing job in corporate America, moved back to my home state of south FLA with my husband and decided I am ready to share my passion of food and fitness with all of you.

I love to eat. In fact if eating was considered an acceptable hobby I would definitely say it is right up there on my hobby list. I grew up in an Italian family where food was the center of every holiday, birthday, vacation etc. Essentially the food and the wine made the experience…always. However as much as I enjoy the food and the wine, health and fitness are equally as important to me. I was never blessed with a fast metabolism so it was an ongoing struggle for someone like myself to find the right balance. I wanted the food, the wine, and the abs. So…I got it. Enter- wineabs.

“Healthy” does not have to be boring and you don’t have to give up the good stuff like wine if you want those abs. I invite you to follow along @wineabs as I share my fitness journey and weekly meal plans consisting of recipes from my favorite bloggers in addition to my own creations

Abs + wine? It really is pretty simple.   Happy reading!